5 Key Features Online Casinos Set for Responsible Gambling

5 Key Features Online Casinos Set for Responsible Gambling

Online Casinos give reminders to their players to be aware of how much they're wagering. They need to comply with the Responsible Gaming Council's (RGC) standard so we could recognize them as one of the reputable and trusted casinos.

RGC is an organization established in 1983 which commits to address and prevent the problems in gambling. As online casinos become more prevalent, it is their responsibility to regulate and give online casinos some guidelines to comply with their responsible gambling standards.

The following are some noteworthy features online casinos set for responsible gambling.

Age Limit

Online casinos should have the responsibility to state the age limit for their players. Only those who have developed a sense of responsibility and have reached the legal age for presumable maturity should partake in high-risk gambling activities.

The standard age limit that most casinos set is 18 years old. Some countries even impose higher age limits higher, like in Greece and Egypt, where they put an age limit of 21. Anyone younger than that who uses the services of online casinos is considered an illegal practice. Both the casino and the guardian responsible for the underaged player would be in trouble.


Most online casinos set a maximum transaction limit per month to comply with RGC's standard. They may provide tools to help their players regulate the money they deposit in the casino, where you may customize the daily, weekly, or monthly limit.

Terms and Conditions

Before participating in online casinos' activities, your responsibility is to read your accountabilities and rights when registering in an online casino. They will usually display it in your registration form before joining a casino.

Reading the terms and conditions is a safe agreement between two parties. It will allow the online casino and the player to be on the same page and settle disagreements peacefully because they have common ground.

Use of Accounts

Online casinos should also keep their player's accounts in check. Some casinos post a link for Responsible Gaming on their website and post a list of reminders or some pointers for checking to keep the players aware of their gambling practices.

They keep an option where players can close their accounts if they need a break from the casino or self-exclude, which is a more enforced break. The players will not be able to reopen it for a period set.

Customer Support

A reputable online casino provides customer support like live chat or includes contact details like phone numbers and their official email on their webpage. You can reach them and voice out your responsible gaming concerns. If you have problems such as addiction to gambling, other hotlines are available on the internet to assist you.


It is the responsibility of both online casinos and their players to adhere to standards to prevent problems. Players who are not responsible gamblers may have issues such as financial crises or developing other pathological gambler characteristics. Online casinos who wouldn't don't practice responsible gambling guidelines could be sued or, worse, closed.

Gambling has long been established and accepted because it also gives potential benefits to society. Still, it is also essential to balance it with some guidelines. Otherwise, gambling may pose severe problems in society.

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